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Why Is Your Personal Statement Important?

A personal statement is one of the writing documents you need to submit in order to increase your chances of being accepted. It can show your fitness for the program and your unique qualities that make you a standout for the same. Check out this post for important facts about it.
a Personal Statement

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Most Important Facts for Admission

  1. Subject test, 9.6%
  2. Grades in college prep courses, 83.4%
  3. Strength of curriculum, 65.7%
  4. SAT or ACT scores, 59.3%
  5. Grades in all courses, 46.2%
  6. Student portfolio, 5.9%
  7. State graduate exam, 4.2%
  8. Teacher recommendation, 19%
  9. Interview, 9.2%
  10. Demonstrated interest in the college, 23%
  11. Class rank, 21.8%
  12. Counselor recommendation, 19.4%
  13. Extracurricular, 7.4%
  14. Work, 1.9%
  15. Personal statement, 26.6%

How is a Personal Statement Evaluated?

Who decides?

  • Academic staff
  • Departmental administrators
  • Central administrators

How do they decide?

  • Own personal judgment
  • Checklist of criteria

Do personal statements matter?

  • Vital for some courses
  • Relevant at the margin for others
  • Important for others
  • Always just one part of the selection process

Should You Hire Personal Statement Consultants?

The answer is yes, if you don’t know how to start your personal statement and want to improve your results. They are experts who have been around for years, helping students achieve their dreams of entering the best school for their dream program. They can guide and give you the best services for an impressive personal statement. So if you want an increased chance of winning one of the slots, do not think twice but get their assistance. Why?

Here are some quick facts:

  • 29,228 of applicants had plagiarized their personal statement in 2015 [Plagiarism is a no-no in college application essays. It won’t help but ruin your chances.]
  • One hundred sixty six (166) applicants started their personal statement with, “For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in…”

But with professional services and expert personal statement coaching, you will receive a clear, well-written paper and a unique and plagiarism-free essay. You will also get a draft, re-draft, checked and checked again.

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